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Shower Filters

Shower filters are an excellent alternative in place of a water softener for treating the water in your shower. This option allows you to reduce the detrimental effects of hard water and chlorine on your hair and skin. Most of the harmful exposure to chlorine we deal with is from steam inhalation and skin absorption while in the shower. Effects of chlorine exposure are dry irritated skin, itchiness, and burning eyes. While chlorine is a great disinfectant it should be filtered by the time you use it for drinking or bathing. Protect your body from overexposure to chlorine and enhance the effectiveness of your soaps with a Tier1 shower filter.
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  • WHR-140 Culligan Comparable Tier1 Replacement Shower Filter

    WHR-140 Culligan Comparable Tier1 Replacement Shower Filter

    Fits Culligan WSH-C125, RDSH-C115, HSH-C135, HSH-BN135, ISH-100, ISH-200, ISH-300, S-H200-C, S-H200-BN, S-W100-C, and S-W100-BN models.
    $19.99 Save 45%
  • SF-7000 Tier1 Shower Filter System (Chrome)

    SF-7000 Tier1 Shower Filter System (Chrome)

    Fits most shower system with an easily detachable shower head.
    $49.99 Save 22%
  • SF-7001 Tier1 Replacement Shower Filter

    SF-7001 Tier1 Replacement Shower Filter

    Fits the Tier1 SF-7000 Shower Filter System
    $32.99 Save 24%

3 Item(s)

  1. Shower Filter Systems
  2. Shower Filter Replacement Cartridges
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Shower Filters
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